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The Secret for a Successful Blog: Long Tail Keywords & Related Keywords

September 11, 2013 – 8:23 AM 4 Comments | 36 views

If you are reading blogs that teach you how to make money online and they don’t tell you that your main focus should be finding the long tail keywords and related keywords, then you should stop reading those blogs right now because they are a waste of time! It’s not really the main keyword that [...]

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How I Built a Blog That Got 1 Million Unique Visitors Per Month

Submitted by on August 22, 2013 – 12:30 PM6 Comments

Looking back at my humble beginnings makes me smile: last year in June one of my blogs received a huge traffic spike from a post going viral: 35,000 visits in one day, my absolute record at that time (if you want, you can read my article on how to prepare your blog for a traffic spike).

Today, 35,000 visits in one day no longer means that much to me because I have managed to build a blog that brought me close to 140,000 visits in a single day for a total of 2 million visits, 5 million page views and 1.1 million uniques. Now these numbers are amazing for any type of blog and as impossible it might seem for you to achieve right now, it actually is not. Here is my story on how I build a blog that got 1 million unique visitors per month (and that still gets about 500,000 per month)!

audience stats

1. Selecting the niche

I think it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t go for a niche site that gets 15,000 local searches per month. Nor an easy to rank keyword spam website with 2,600 quality local searches per month. As I already explained in my article that encourages bloggers to build authority websites, that’s what I went after: a huge niche, extremely popular, with top competitors and amazing prospects.

My keyword research was pretty simple here: I did none. Instead, I saw where the big guys were and I decided that they are there for a reason: they’re making the big money. I wanted a piece of that pie too, so I decided to try and build an authority website there. Easy as pie.

2. Become an authority

In my first month, I posted about 60 articles. Second month saw me write just about the same, but with 2 other authors contributing 20 articles each. A big, authority website is a content rich website. I had such a big and varied niche that thousands of articles would’ve only covered a small part of it. Difficult to call it a “niche,” huh?

I decided to go for the “content is king” rule that most of us ignore lately and I focused on delivering what people needed. This is probably one of the biggest secrets of creating a successful website: give your readers something valuable: advice, good writing, nice images, free stuff… anything that has value and helps your readers will help your website grow and become a real authority. It’s pretty easy!

3. The complicated link building scheme

This actually makes me laugh. I did absolutely no link building. NONE. ZERO. DIDN’T CARE ABOUT A SINGLE LINK. I still think that those who ask for your money to build backlinks for you are stealing your money. You don’t need that, you don’t need them. YOU DON’T NEED BACKLINKS!

Before all the internet “gurus” jump at my throat, let me expand a bit on this: you don’t need links if you have the long tail keywords covered. I was building an authority website that covered a million and a half problems (give or take a half a million). I would’ve had to spend Bill Gates’ money to build backlinks for hundreds of thousands of long tail keywords. And it would’ve been the stupid thing to do because these are keywords that it’s extremely easy to rank for naturally because the competition is actually low. Sounds hard to believe, but it actually is the truth: if you have a ton of articles for a ton of long tail keywords, you will get traffic. Without building a single link.

Don’t you believe me? Here is my Google analytics screenshot from that period. How many search queries did I have? Over 200,000. 200,000 DIFFERENT keywords bringing in traffic, now that’s something to aim for:

search querries

That’s the secret, not the link building! (And honestly, to date that blog only has a Page Rank of 2)

4. The domain age

Probably you imagine, like other people say, that the domain must be aged and you need to have it registered until 2500. FALSE! The website is now one year and one month old and I was the first to register it one day before launching the site. I bought it for just 2 years initially because I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, so try to forget about the domain age too: any site can get huge as long as it is a QUALITY SITE.

5. Keyword selection

You probably think that I spend sleepless nights finding all those 200,000 long tail keywords that bring traffic to my website, right? Well, I don’t and you don’t have to do it. As long as you write quality content that teaches your readers something and genuinely helps them, you will have your ton of long tail keywords.

Let’s say that I want to create an authority website in the overpopulated technology niche. I won’t go for “best micro chips under 100 bucks” micro niche, and I will create my website where I cover everything technology. I won’t bring you news, though, because that is what everybody does already and I have no chance competing with a team of 45 writers. Instead, I will help you, my reader. The big guys report that Samsung is launching a new smartphone, I write an article telling you how to use it and how to troubleshoot it. The big guys report that there’s a bug that makes iPhones sing Justin Bieber songs all day, I tell you how to fix that.

This way, I am helping people and writing about something others don’t. Think outside the box and don’t try to copy! Don’t follow and do what everybody else is doing, because the real money is exactly in those topics that nobody cares to write about. That’s how I build a blog that got 1 million visitors per month and that’s how you can do it too.

The good news is that I have huge plans and I want to teach you more about blogging, about building your best blog, getting the millions of visitors and bagging in the big money. So you definitely want to follow Uniblogsity:

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Take action and become better today!

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  • John Gibb says:

    Hey Lucian

    That’s amazing… your story is incredible… although I do believe with passion, persistence and out of box thinking, anything can be done, is it?

    I liked your story so much, that I went ahead and told me partner (Codrut Turcanu) to contact you, and find more about your approach to blogging for a living, and helping your audience for real…


  • Fahim Sidek says:

    hi,i just started do some study to build my first completely new with blogging ,internet marketing etc so after reading for 1 month about this field this is what going in my head,

    1)niche websites or authority website
    2)no idea in linkbuilding
    3)trouble with making my own content(my english sucks)
    4)confused which one should i target for my long tail keywords,high search volume or low

    this post clear my doubt but not fully

    1)im going to aim for authority websites
    -im going to write like a blog and monetize like a business
    2)im not going waste my time with linkbuilding
    3)im gonna outsource my content
    4)i already researched my keywords and it have low comp with 100-5000 monthly search

  • Hemu says:

    i think that’s really huge thing to one man efforts. hope i also able to post something like this. kudos to you :)

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