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The Secret for a Successful Blog: Long Tail Keywords & Related Keywords

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If you are reading blogs that teach you how to make money online and they don’t tell you that your main focus should be finding the long tail keywords and related keywords, then you should stop reading those blogs right now because they are a waste of time! It’s not really the main keyword that [...]

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How Often Should I Post on My Blog?

Submitted by on August 15, 2013 – 11:07 AM6 Comments

The question that makes the title of this blog was sent over by e-mail by one of the readers of Uniblogsity and I am sure that it’s a very solid question that every blogger should know the answer to. So how often should we post on our blogs? That’s what we are going to try and answer today, but let me tell you it’s not going to be easy!

To start with, we should agree that the number of articles that you have on your blog is not directly and automatically associated to the success your blog will have. This means that a blog with 2,000 articles can bring in fewer visitors and therefore be a lot less successful than one with just 10 articles. But the opposite is also true: it doesn’t automatically mean that a blog with 10 articles will always be better than one with 2,000.

If you still remember, when blogging was still wearing Pampers and not every person on earth had a blog, there was a famous phrase: “Content is king,” referring to the fact that the quality of the content on your blog is more important than the quantity. However, lately bloggers managed to find all sorts of methods to outplay Google (the biggest traffic resource for most bloggers) and basically put low quality articles and content at the top of the search results through what we know as SEO (search engine optimization). This basically means that copycat articles that don’t offer solid or complete information or even copied articles manage to appear in the search results above some really high quality and informative articles just because they are optimized.

Fortunately, Google is working on ways to bring back the old saying “Content is king” to life, which would eventually mean that it’s not the number of posts you have on your blog or how often you post them that will make sure that you will have a successful blog.

So now that we have agreed that your primary goal should be publishing great content, let’s get to numbers and try to find out what would be the optimal number of articles to publish per week.

And again I will disappoint you by saying that there is no such number and it all depends on the niche of your blog. For example, in a niche like the make money blogging, like that of Uniblogsity, we have pretty long and in-depth articles that are published and most of them should be considered evergreen. This means that I don’t have to publish articles every day or more times per day.

On the other hand, if I would be writing on a blog about the latest world news, then I should definitely have to do my best to publish a news bit every 5 minutes or so because that’s how often something really important for the public happens! Posting once every few days will make my readers go and search other sources that deliver a more complex set of information.

And this gets us back to where we started: it’s not the number of articles that you publish, but the quality of the articles. Of course, if you feel that you are capable of delivering high quality content and posting 7 articles in your blog, per day, then feel free to do so. There usually isn’t a “you write too much” when it comes to blogging and it only feels natural that 7 well written articles will do better than 1 well written article.

Hey! But how often should I really publish articles on my blog???

OK, if we are to ignore most of the things that I said and have just a few phrases to explain, I would probably cut all the details and conclude: if you have something to say or write about, do it! If not, it’s probably better not to do it because you’d be just wasting time and your article won’t be successful.

Usually, a blog that gets 1 article per day or every 2 days is considered an active blog that is updated regularly. But you could stretch that to once per week or even once every 2 weeks to keep the audience interested and your blog fresh in their mind. And always make sure to post high quality content instead of content that is there just to increase your article count.

What’s your strategy when it comes to posting frequency on your blog?

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  • Baby Blogger says:

    I would like to post every day if I can – but its hard researching especially for guys like me that have to work 10 hours a day.

    Thanks for the post anyway.I got a little enlightenment. I don;t promote my site – If i do, its minimal. I think Google takes longer to recognize your content – about 3 months, so you won’t feel your success instantly.

    I am still having faith that I may make some money from blogs – hopefully.

  • Phil says:


    nice article and I agree with what you say. If you have something to talk about do it – if not don’t!

    I recently found a case study called “hardcore blogging” (just google it) where a company posted multiple posts a day and they multiplied their traffic a lot. So maybe this will work in some niches too.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you when you said, “it’s not the number of articles that you publish, but the quality of the articles.” That is so true. I see some people posting everyday, and think, “Why did I bother reading this?” There again, if you don’t post for a long time, you drop off your readers’ radar. Great, thought provoking, post!

  • Reginald says:

    HI Lucian,

    Thanks for writing this mate. How often is a huge question and often, maybe people have their own thinking and belief.

    For me, I publish at least once a week (or at least I hope). I know some bloggers claimed that by posting several times a day, they increase their traffic by few hundred (easily).

    Personally, I would say it depends on niche. Some niche would require lots of updates overtime and this could be very good indeed. All in all, it really depends how you really see it and again, what niche you are in.

    Also, don’t forget NOT to spread yourself too thin too!


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