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The Secret for a Successful Blog: Long Tail Keywords & Related Keywords

September 11, 2013 – 8:23 AM 4 Comments | 36 views

If you are reading blogs that teach you how to make money online and they don’t tell you that your main focus should be finding the long tail keywords and related keywords, then you should stop reading those blogs right now because they are a waste of time! It’s not really the main keyword that [...]

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Where to Get the Best Cheap Hosting for Your Blog

Submitted by on August 14, 2013 – 11:43 AMOne Comment

Hosting is one of the most important aspects when it comes to blogging, because your hosting company can make the difference between a successful blog and a failure. Among other things, you want your blog to be available to the public for as long as possible, you want it to load as fast as possible and you want no restrictions. With these in mind, I have decided to share with you my knowledge and experience and tell you where you get the best (and at the same time cheap) hosting for your blog.

What is good hosting?

In my opinion, a good hosting company has to offer you stability and speed at first. Knowing that your blog is not always down is a big thing: not only that the search engines won’t penalize the blog, but also you won’t lose any potential customers or readers.

Next, the loading speed of your blog is extremely important, because a fast blog is preferred by the search engines (or, better said, by Google since it is the biggest organic traffic source out there) so you want your hosting to be fast at all times.

Finally, a good hosting in my opinion is one that has no or few limits: you must make sure that the hosting company has no bandwidth or disk usage limit (or if they do, they are obscenely high so you won’t ever have to worry about going past) and no limit when it comes to hosting your domain (a few months after I started blogging I realized that I MUST register a new domain and in three and a half years I spent blogging I probably registered and launched over 50 blogs).

Suggestions for best cheap hosting companies from me

Personally, I go with the classics, so to say. When it comes to hosting, I prefer to go for established companies that have proved over the years that they are reliable and trustworthy. Indeed, many start-ups might have amazing offers and even perform great for a while, but eventually they can go down like a rock and you will be the biggest loser. I don’t want to risk that and neither do you. Therefore, check out the following hosting companies that will give you a great experience, guaranteed!

1. DreamHost

I use Dreamhost for most of my blogs and I have never EVER been disappointed with them. Even though now I have a dedicated server from them, I started with their shared hosting and I was extremely satisfied. It held well over 100,000 visitors per months, which is amazing for a cheap, shared hosting.

BONUS: If you the following discount code when you register: UNIBLOGSITY you will receive 1 FREE domain and a discount for the hosting plan. And you have my guarantee that they are amazing!

2. Bluehost

Even though I am not their client for as long as I have been a Dreamost customer, I can spot a good hosting company when I see it and Bluehost certainly looks like one. They have some really good rates and are considered by many the best shared hosting company out there. I never had any problems with them in the short time I have used their services and judging from other reviews, I won’t have problems either!

3. Hostgator

Another company that’s here for years, Hostgator received some criticism lately but apparently they managed to restore their high quality service and now they’re back to their original state of solid, reliable hosting company. Their prices are also some of the best out there so you might want to give them a try if for some reason you don’t like what the previous two recommendations have to offer.

So these are the three companies that I would recommend to any start-up blogger and they should work fine for you (on shared hosting plans) up to an early mid-level. By then you should already have enough to invest in a virtual private server or even a dedicated server – Dreamhost has a great offer for those as well and as I said, I am with them for three and a half years and they rock.

Which of these companies seemed to be the best for you and, of course, your blog?

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